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When I became Chief Executive of the Money and Pensions Service, I told all my colleagues, friends and family that I got my dream job. Leading an organisation that is unique in its focus on improving the UK’s financial wellbeing, from childhood to retirement, means we are there for people throughout, focussed on improving their lives. This is a huge responsibility and a significant challenge but I love knowing that I play a part in making a difference.

At the beginning of 2020, we published our 10-year UK Strategy for Financial Wellbeing. At the time, 5.3m children were not getting a meaningful financial education, 11.5m people had less than £100 in savings, 9m people often borrowed to buy food or pay bills, 5.3m people needed debt advice, and 22m people did not know enough to plan for retirement. Since then, the impact of Covid-19 has worsened financial wellbeing for millions of people, particularly for women, young people and some BAME communities. MaPS’ role is more important than ever.

My vision for MaPS is an organisation that is ambitious, flexible, innovative, future focused and will allow us to respond quickly to what our customers need, whether that’s in our money and pensions guidance or funded debt advice services.

We have a great team here that is united in its determination to make a lasting difference, championing our values of caring, connecting and transforming. I’m proud of what MaPS has already achieved and I’m even more ambitious for our future. So if you like the sound of what we do here, and you think you can help make an even bigger difference, we want to hear from you.

Caroline Siarkiewicz
Chief Executive

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