Our values and priorities

Our values

These are what we live and breathe.

Strong values are the foundation of our success. They permeate every area of our work and define all our business relationships and the way we work with each other. We are passionate about everyone making the most of their money and pension and have a unique role in connecting people behind a collective goal of improving financial wellbeing throughout the UK.

We’re not only looking for the best people to come and work for us, but we need people who align themselves to our values.


We are committed to transforming lives and make a positive societal impact.


We care about our colleagues and people whose lives we are here to transform.


Through our MoneyHelper service, we ensure people receiving the right guidance at the right time to help them navigate complex choices and make informed, confident decisions.

What’s more, our Money Guiders programme – designed to help diverse organisations and practitioners deliver money guidance – ensures that those that need help to find it, whether through our own services or through others.

Our priorities

Making the most of the money we have is central to personal wellbeing.

It impacts our mental health, our relationships, our productivity at work, and our ability to deal with the unexpected. Our vision is simple: everyone in the UK making the most of their money and pensions.

Within our Corporate Strategy for 2022–2025 we have set out five overarching priorities:

Helping people in financial crisis

Over the next three years, we will significantly expand the reach of debt advice, whilst increasingly targeting those most in need. We will also work with a broad and diverse range of partners to create a more efficient and effective debt advice sector, increasing access to help and enhancing the service offer.

Helping people in need manage their money today

Good quality money guidance has a key role to play, helping people make more informed decisions and feel secure and in control of their finances day-to-day.

Over the next three years, we will make our own services more focused on those most in need, complementing what exists in the market. And we will work with partners to improve the ability of ‘trusted messengers’ to provide money guidance or signpost to appropriate services.

Helping people with their pensions and financial future

Good pensions guidance simplifies complexity, making it easier to understand what decisions need to be made and what steps to take. It helps people take action, safely.

Over the next three years, we will transform how we provide pensions guidance and deliver the Pensions Dashboards Programme to help substantially more people plan their financial futures.

Working with partners to improve financial wellbeing

Financial wellbeing is core to a happy, healthy life and every organisation that touches on people’s financial lives can make a meaningful, positive impact.

Over the next three years, through our co-ordination role, we will help to grow, champion, and enable the financial wellbeing community, driving progress towards the UK Strategy for Financial Wellbeing national goals.

Building on strong financial foundations

Achieving our vision of everyone making the most of their money and pensions will be challenging. To be successful, we will need to continue to build on what we do well and learn from the experience of ourselves and stakeholders.

We will also build on the flexible and agile ways of working, having invested in the technology and systems to enable effective and efficient hybrid working. This will be an important enabler to help ensure a successful office relocation, as part of the Government’s Places for Growth programme.

Our 2022-2025 Corporate Strategy

Download our 2022–2025 Corporate Strategy (PDF)