Pensions Dashboards Programme

This is an exciting time to work in the Pensions Dashboard Programme at MaPS. We’re creating something that will change the pensions landscape forever. Right now, pensions information is spread across a huge industry, and individuals may contribute to many different pensions in their lifetime. Keeping in touch with those pensions can be extremely difficult for citizens, and too many people aren’t making adequate provision for their retirement. 

What are pensions dashboards? 

Pensions dashboards will enable people to access key information about all of their UK pensions, private and State, in one place online, revolutionising how people engage with their pensions throughout their lives. Enabling the delivery of pensions dashboards will require up to 52m adults in the UK to be connected with up to around 43,000 pension providers and schemes to search for their pensions.

Delivering pensions dashboards 

The Money and Pensions Service (MaPS) has established the Pensions Dashboards Programme team to design and implement the infrastructure that will make pensions dashboards work. PDP is responsible for designing and implementing the central digital architecture that will make pensions dashboards work. We are also developing standards, which will provide the rules and controls that will facilitate the ongoing connection to the pensions dashboards ecosystem. 

The Money and Pensions Service will also develop its own non-commercial dashboard (the MaPS dashboard) as part of its function to provide information and guidance on pensions, but other organisations such as pension providers and FinTechs will also provide dashboards.