Corporate Strategy and Plan

Our vision is clear and straightforward – everyone making the most of their money and pensions. That vision, and our role in making it a reality, feels more relevant and important than ever as we start to emerge from the COVID-19 pandemic together with the challenges for people managing their money in uncertain times.

The Money and Pensions Service (MaPS) first ever three-year Corporate Strategy 2022-25 sets out how we will continue to evolve and improve our services to help people across the UK. It lays out the strategic direction for our future, which is built around MaPS’ statutory remit: to focus on helping the vulnerable and those most in need through our customer services in debt advice, money and pensions guidance.

The MaPS Corporate Plan outlines how we will work with government to support people over the 2022/23 financial year; whilst continuing our decade-long vision for greater financial wellbeing so that in the future everyone can make the most of their money and pensions. This is increasingly important as cost of living pressures are resulting in difficult financial choices for people across the UK.

The plan is embedded in MaPS commitment to help people – particularly those most in need – to improve their financial wellbeing and build a better, more confident future.